Personal Work & Projects


Big Stick

Big Stick is inspired by the way young children always furnish themselves with a large stick the moment they enter a wood (and usually insist on taking it home). Whether it is something primeval and innate to defenceless humans that is ignored by 21st century adults, a reaction to other children having a stick, or simply it’s just quite fun, the work explores how much of our modern world is still ruled by our prehistoric selves.

The portraits were taken of children aged five to nine, an age when they are beginning to understand and experience basic notions of power and hierarchy among themselves and their world. They were asked to pose with their stick thinking about why they had it, how it made them feel and what it might be used for.


Guy's cider making

My friend Guy makes his own cider every year from apples he finds, sources and otherwise obtains from in and around South Manchester. Considering he finds them all himself, I have never seen so many apples in one place! He has built up an impressive array of devices to squeeze every last drop out of them, and I tagged along to see how it's done....


Lambs to the slaughter

While walking, I came across these nearly year-old lambs being washed in preparation for sale to a slaughter house. Having watched the fairly grusome manual slaughter of animals in other countries, the water and poses of the men and animals somehow stood out as a stark illustration of what lay ahead for these animals